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​- - Alan Ferguson will be at the IAAPA Orlando,Florida from November 13 - 16 2018 - - During the Duration of the EVENT
​I invite you to Call or Text me at  936 933 8499 to make visitation arrangements to Purchase or Discuss Rides made by the Funlight Amusements SRO - - The Company whom I have Representative for Years, since 2011 i have sent many Rides to the USA, Canada. Rides that are still working in the USA since 2011.
​At this time we have - - 
- - 4 Story Funhouse ​( SOLD ) ​it will be in the USA WORKING
- - Miami Ride completed ready to Ship to USA, Canada, or Mexico.
​- - 4 Lane Slide completed ( Metal Flake Paint ) ready to Ship to USA, Canada, or Mexico.
​ - - ( 2 ) -15M Euro Gondola Wheels Completed - ready to ship to USA, Canda, or Mexico.
​ - - 33M Gondola Wheel completed - ready to ship to USA, Canada or Mexico, 3 Trailers to move 33M Wheel
​- - Pirate Ship - 15M, 30 Passengers completed ready to ship to USA, Canada or Mexico.

​Above - Alan Ferguson & Funlight Amusements from Czech Republic at IAAPA Orlando, Florida,, Nov. 2017
​Above - Alan Ferguson & Funlight Amusements from Czech Republic in office at IISF Gibtown, Florida,, Feb. 2018
PH. 936 933 8499
​Livingston, Texas , USA

I am
​USA Representative for ​Funlight Amusements ​SRO - Czech Republic​​​​

​View Funlights Web-Site
​Type in funlightcz then
​Tell me what you want
Call - Text - or Email alanfergee@funlight.cz

Call for Financing
​Call for Financing
​Call for Financing

​30 Passengers Pirate for Sale -
Ready to Ship to USA.
​Call for Price.

4 Story Funhouse

15 Meters Euro Wheel for Sale

​30 Meters Euro Wheel for Sale

​Funlight Amusements has sent ​7 Miami Rides to the USA - 
Miami Ride ​N. 7 is

​Call for Financing
Call for Financing
​Call for Financing
​936 933 8499

​Below Slide 4 Lanes - Lighting down the Lanes cover with Guard.
​Call alan for Price + Delivery

​Below - Order Euro Wheel Now - it will be ready to Ship to USA in OCT- 
​I have 2 Euro Wheels that will be ready in Oct. 2018 ,,
One New - Theme Is Exclusive
One only used a few weeks to make a Movie then it will be Refurburished and Sold at a Discounted Price.
​Railing around Tubs will be manufactured to meet ASTM Standards.

​Call for Pricing - 

​Below - Euro Wheel - Exclusive - 15M Ready to Ship. Meets ASTM Standards.
​Call 936 933 8499 - Alan Ferguson
​Dragon Wagon Below is Ready Now.
​Can be Shipped as soon as Deposit is made.
​Call for Pricing >
Funlight Amusements SRO , Czech Republic 

Alan Ferguson has Represented Funlight Amusements for 8 Years in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  We have many Amusement Rides that have been working in USA for Years. 
​We take care of our Customers 

We will be glad to provide you with the Best that the OutDoor or INDoor Amusement Business Industry has to offer /  Equipment , Parts,, and Lighting

Call - alan Ferguson - 936 933 8499 for more Details
​The Amusement Rides by Funlight Amusements passes  ASTM ,,, TUV,, French Codes and other Standards.
​​If you want a ride that will legally pass any state in the USA or Canada
Call - 936 933 8499 alan
​I have ASTM Certified Certificates of Approval from USA States for Funlight Amusements Rides to Legally Operate

​The Next Miami Ride will be completed in July -
Call soon to buy this Miami Ride.
It has all the New Up Dates

​A 30 Passenger Pirate Ship is almost completed ready to ship to USA.
​Call for Pricing 

Many Rides by Funlight Amusements SRO have been Working in the USA for many Years - Starting in 2011 until Present day

     fergee@livingston.net - 936 933 8499 - Call or Text - Alan

     Place Order - Choose Theme & Back Flash Colors
     fergee@livingston.net - 936 933 8499 - Call or Text - Alan

     Place Order - Choose Theme & Back Flash Colors
​Miami Ride Avengers above arrived in the USA and has been Working 15 months Now..
Call Alan Ferguson 936 933 8499
​Place your Order Now for Next available Miami ,, You can choose your own Theme,, Colors & lighting
     fergee@livingston.net - 936 933 8499 - Call or Text - Alan

     New Orders can be made Now - -
     Lighting & Signs can be added to back side of ride for Cost

​For Sale - Pirate Ship 30 Passengers - Same as one in Picture above- it is ready to Ship to USA.
​Call for Price
All of the above Rides are of Funlight Amusements SRO and have been working in the USA several years now. They are Proven to be Money Makers of Good Qualitity
​All Rides working in the USA by Funlight Amusements have a good Record with NO Accidents.​​
At this time i have a slot for Miami Ride -  ,,, Call Soon to Reserve this Slot for Miami Ride....
​,,, Miami Rides come with RGB LED Color Changing Lighting just like you see in Pictures & Videos on this Web- Site..
OR -​  You can place order with other types of lighting we provide - Camaleon PUCKS.
If you like Camaleon PUCKS on your Ride,, We install them to your Request.

​See Used Ride List at Bottom of Page
Break Dance 2014 - above & Below -  Call alan 936 933 8499
​ Ready for Sale - Can be in USA Soon
Call - ​Alan Ferguson  ​936 933 8499
Call - Alan​  ​936 933 8499
Below  - -  Lighting  -      No Chinese
​Euro Wheel 33M - Below
Used Ride & Games -

​Water Race - 18' Line,,S.Body
​Center 12' - S, Body
​$20,000 for Both

Ferris Wheel -​  ELI - $22,000

​Dodgem Rides - $75,000
Otterbacher Bumper Car Ride
​12 Cars working.

​Spider​ - Call - J See Pictures on Spider page

​Bug Ride - ​Call - See Pictures on Bug Ride Page
​Space Train - Call

Canoe Ride -  Call

​Bulge-the-Whale -​ Call

Pirate Ship Mullen - Call

​Gee Wizz -  Call

Food Trailer Schantz 12' - $20,000

​4 Story Fun House -   Call

​High Roller - ​ $ 50,000

​Thunder Boat -  $125,000

​3 Generators - 350 KW ,, 400 KW
​2 in Vans - Call'
​1 Needs mounting on Trailer ( Slient G. )
​Wire & Junction Boxes
​Tickets Boxes w/ Marquee

​Hampton SeaDoo -  $22,000

​FunHouse - ​ $20,000

Scrambler -J​,, Center Mounted - Call
​2 Canoe Rides J,, 1 Ground MT. & 1 Trailer M.
​Helicoper -Airplane Ride
​Bouncing Jupiter
​2000 Swing Ride
​Musical Chairs 
​Canoe Rides
​USED Bunk Houses
​3 Track Rides -
​Bull Dozers,
​Super Trucks
​Rio Grand Train
​Sea Dragon L 
​2 Story Funhouse 
​Tilt-o-Whirl - $30,000
​Paratrooper - Call
​Kiddie Motor Cycle Jump
Kiddie Hampton Cars
Mega Bounce
2 Umbrella Rides- Cars & Motorcycles
​Orient Express
Chopper Train