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 ​USA ​Representative ​for
Funlight ​AmusementsSRO. 
​Czech Republic

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All ​Ridesthat are ​working in the ​USA  by Funlight ​Amusements have a Good ​Record  -
NO   A​ccidents

​At Present Euro Value a NEW Miami Ride is -
 $ 225,000 USAD -
 All Expenses, - Ride, Shipping & Etc., 
​You pick up at Port of your Choice.

 ​Dignified  ​in  ​import  ​&  ​Exports  ​of ​  Amusements Rides

​TUV Certified  ​&  ​ASTM Certified
Miami Shock Wave   ​Has Been Operating in California ​USA​Since July of 2016

Order the next Available Miami Ride Now - it will be ready for shipping to USA soon - Call or text or Email

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​Dodgem Rides
Miami Rides
Pirate Ships
Dumbo Rides
Wave Swinger Swing Ride
Musical Chairs Swing Ride 
3 Story Funhouses
Used Bumper Cars
New Bunk Houses made to Order
Circus Tent
Eli Scambler
Space Shuttler
​Bulge the Whale
roll - 0 - plane
​+ Many More 
Chance Zumur
S.A.   M.G.R.
Spook House/ Shop
​Caged Kiddie Wheel
​Hampton Dino
​Hampton Motor Cycle
Hampton Boats
Hmpton Jeeps
​Childress Slide
​S.A.   Rodeo
WMI  Miner Mike
Chance Rotor
Skew Ball
​ UniGlide Chicken
OtterBacher Pizza
​Miway Sign Trailer

Miami RIP TIDE - presentation:

​Miami Ride -  Below is in Transport to a USA Showman -
Call,Text, or Email for next available Miami Ride ready to ship to the USA.
​alan Ferguson 936 433 9954

​Miami Ride​ below will be the ​6th Miami Ride that is Working in the USA by Funlight Amusements Sro
​At Present​ Euro Value the Miami Rides that are on this Web- Site are $ 225,000 USAD​ all Expenses. You pick up at Port.

​Below - 2014 Break Dance - Call -​ Alan 
​936 433 9954
Miami Shock Wave in USA
fergee@livingston.net - 936 433 9954 - Call or Text - alan Ferguson

Place Order - Choose Theme & Back Flash Colors
Miami Shock Wave in USA
fergee@livingston.net - 936 433 9954 - Call or Text - alan Ferguson

Place Order - Choose Theme & Back Flash Colors
Miami Shock Wave in USA
fergee@livingston.net 936 433 9954 - Call or Text - alan Ferguson

New Orders can be made Now - -
Lighting & Signs can be added to back side of ride for Cost
​All of the above Ride are of Funlight Amusements SRO and have been working in the USA over a Year. They are Proven to be Money Makers of Good Qualitity
​All Rides working in the USA by Funlight Amusements have a good record with NO Accidents.
​A New Miami Ride at Present Euro Value is ​$ 225,000 USAD​ all Expenses, Ride- Shipping & etc. You pick up at Port of Your Choice.
At this time i ( now ) have a slot for Miami Ride -  ,,, Call Soon to Reserve this Slot for Miami Ride....
​At this time you can choose your own Theme and Colors,,, Miami comes with RGB LED Color Changing Lighting just like you see in Pictures & Videos on this Web- Site.. There is 5 Miami Rides ( Products of Funlight Amusements ) already in the USA and Working with Special Lighting. The New Miami Ride in Transport will be the 6th Miami Ride working in the USA.
​ This price may go up or down a little depending on Euro Value at time of Purchase.
​Break Dance 2014 - above & Below
​ Ready for Sale - Can be in USA Soon
Below - Euro Wheel
​Place Order to get next available Ride
Call - ​Alan Ferguson  ​936 433 9954

Call - Alan​  ​936 433 9954
​IAAPA Florida Convention / USA REP. Funlightcz
Below -
​IAAPA Florida 2016 Convention
​USA Representative/ Funlight Amusements